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Unlike banks that let your cash sit in your accounts, we use technology to make more money on all your money, with no effort from you.

Let us optimize your finances and take the work out of banking, investing, borrowing, and planning.

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Why choose Wealthfront?

Meet Self-Driving Money™,
our vision for the future

We want to optimize your money across spending, savings, and investments, putting it all to work effortlessly.
Deposit your paycheck with Wealthfront and, with the click of a button, you can have us automate the rest. Our software can top off your emergency fund, pay all your bills, and even invest the rest to help meet your goals. We call this future Self-Driving Money™.

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Planning made easy

Keep a single view of your finances.

Link your financial accounts once, and we’ll calculate your current net worth and project what you’ll have in the future, making updates automatically as your finances change.

A portfolio line of credit

Borrow quickly and
easily at a low rate.

Access cash without selling your investments.
Portfolio Line of Credit is the easy, low-cost way to borrow. At 2.50-3.75%, our rate is a fraction of the APR on personal loans and credit cards.

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The number of clients who choose to earn more and worry less is over


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