Welcome to Wealthfront, Steve. We're lucky to have you.

Well, our prayers were answered

We're not a social-mobile cloud-based dating site for your pet lizard. We’re bringing access to amazing financial advice to everyone, making investing as simple as signing up for an online bank account. Democratizing this kind of access is pretty revolutionary. We think our design should communicate that, so come play Robin Hood with us.

Finally, our product is really interesting.

We’ll make it a pony.


We thrive on cutting-edge technologies and practices. This is no ordinary team that you’re going to be working with.

We can make your dreams a reality. You think that button should look like a pony?

And we’ve got an incredible team.

We want to be design driven. You’ll be crucial here, molding the aesthetic heart of the company and all its expressions.

You’ll be important.

← What is that even
supposed to be?

But we suck at it.


We’re mere arm-chair aesthetes waiting to be shepherded across the river of clumsily applied gradients to the valhalla of exquisite design.

And we really care about design...

(Jony Ive didn’t return our calls)

Great designers are hard to come by.

Dear designers,
please tell us there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

this is outdated info. Wealthfront has since hired great designers, though we are always looking for more ;)
This is left here as a demo for y'all. Enjoy!