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It's tough to know what the future may hold for you and your family. Let Path help you explore potential scenarios and provide actionable advice on reaching your financial goals.

Instead of scheduling phone calls and meetings with advisers, always have Path at your fingertips and get your questions answered immediately.
Path links directly to your accounts to build a true picture of your financial life. By analyzing your most recent spending data, it updates as your situation changes.
Path answers the “what ifs” about your unique financial situation. Visualize new scenarios and see how changes today affect your future lifestyle.
Path answers the important questions

Can I live my current lifestyle in retirement?

Find out how much you'll be able to spend in retirement, given your current savings and spending.

What's the impact of saving more today?

Make adjustments to your planned savings, and see the impact on your net worth and retirement spending.

How should I allocate additional savings?

Determine how much to contribute in each account, and which accounts to prioritize based on taxes and contribution limits.

Getting started is easy

Path is available for all Wealthfront clients and takes less than five minutes to set up.

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Answer a few simple questions about you and your family
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See the impact of adjusting your retirement age, savings rate, and investments
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Download our mobile app and always have Path at your fingertips. Make adjustments at anytime and get advice on how to save and invest better.

Avoid guesswork – let Path make the smart assumptions

No guesswork is required on your part. Path uses your actual spending data and applies the latest academic research to make assumptions on taxes, Social Security, investment returns, and more.

Social Security
Accounts for your household income, birthdate, and anticipated retirement age to project your expected Social Security payments and includes it in your projected retirement spending.
Ongoing saving rate
Based on your financial transactions, computes how much you've saved over the past 12 months and forecasts your future savings rate.
Investment returns
Forecasts returns and volatilities for the specific investments you own using our proprietary model, which combines multi-factor asset pricing framework with Monte Carlo analysis.
Inflation rate
Uses current inflation rates implied by the U.S. government bond market to calculate your savings, retirement spending, and Social Security benefits.
Life expectancy
Uses 90th percentile of life expectancies in the US by gender as default values.
Contribution advice
Prioritizes contributions in tax-advantaged, low-fee accounts. Uses your age and income to assess eligibility and contribution limits for each account type.
Retirement spending needs
Forecasts retirement spending by using your current spending and adjusting for age. Research shows retirement spending is close to spending in your late 30s and about 13% less than spending in your 50s.
Withdrawal strategy
Accounts for inflation and differences in tax treatment upon withdrawal by account type to more accurately project retirement spending.

We take security seriously

Wealthfront takes the security of your information very seriously. All your data is secured with 256-bit encryption.

Path is available for all Wealthfront clients