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To unlock group rewards, Okta needed to meet the sign-up goal by July 18, 2023.

This rewards program has now ended. New clients can always join by signing up on their own, or get added benefit through a referral.

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ManageCash Accountcurrent APYinterest earnedAvailable balanceDebit cardAccount NumbersSEPTEMBERInterest earned in September+$101.92Monday, Sep 8 · InterestTransfer to invest$100.00Monday, Sep 8 · TransferAUGUSTTransfer to emergency fund$200.00Monday, May 8 · Money inTransfer money
You earned $101.92 in interest.

More interest on your cash.
Earn 4.80% APY.

That's 11x the national interest rate3, and zero strings attached.

With our high-yield Cash Account, you'll earn more on your short term savings, like for your emergency fund or, say, a new canoe — and more on the money you're planning to invest later.

No account fees
Unlimited withdrawals & transfers
No minimum or maximum balance to earn 4.80% APY
Up to $5M FDIC insurance through partner banks
Near-instant transfers to connected Wealthfront Investment accounts
all timeestimated taxes saved$98,656.001.7% todayUS stocks44% current44% targetForeign developed stocks15% current15% targetEmerging market stocks15% current15% targetDividend growth stocks3M6M1Y3Y5YALL2021
We automatically invested your $500 deposit.

Automated, diversified
long-term investing.

Come bears or bulls, our expert-built portfolios make it easy to stay diversified for your long-term goals. Our Automated Investing Account helps you manage unnecessary risk, minimize your taxes, and maximize your returns — all done (you guessed it) automatically.

Expert-built portfolios with up to 17 global asset classes
Designed to help keep the cost of investing low
Our software handles all the trading, rebalancing, and other busywork