Let's get to know you.
Let's get to know you.

The global stock market is often volatile. If your entire investment portfolio lost 10% of its value in a month during a market decline, what would you do?

Which of these three hypothetical investment plans would best suit your current investing needs?

Ranges of probable returns in any given year

(Expected Return)

Expected Annual Return
Range of Probable Returns
In Any Given Year

When deciding how to invest your money, which do you care about more?

Do you have any stock options of private companies that you consider valuable?

What is your current age?


What is the total value of your cash and liquid investments?

e.g. savings, CDs, mutual funds, IRAs, 401(k)s, public stocks


What is your annual after-tax income?


How stable is your current and future income?

e.g. salary, social security, pension, interest, rental income

Have you ever made an angel investment?

Will you need ¼ or more of the money you invest at Wealthfront within 5 years?

We're finding the optimal plan for your risk profile.