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Great! At Wealthfront, we'll create a diversified portfolio of 7 or 8 asset classes based on your answers to this questionnaire.
So do we! That's why Wealthfront offers our Continuous Tax-Loss Harvesting service in an attempt to reduce your investment and overall taxes.
Fantastic! We've designed Wealthfront as a hassle-free service. Once you open your account, we'll handle the details of investing, rebalancing, and more for you.
At Wealthfront, we believe the best way to match market performance is to make sure you pay low fees for your investments and minimize your taxes. Our fees are some of the lowest in the industry (at 0.25% of invested assets above $10,000 - that's under $20 per month for a $100,000 portfolio) and with our Tax-Optimized Asset Allocation and Tax-Loss Harvesting, we work hard to minimize your taxes.

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