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Who We Are

Wealthfront is the world's largest automated investment service with over $2.6 billion in client assets. We manage a diversified, continually rebalanced portfolio of index funds on your behalf at a very low cost and in an extremely tax-efficient manner. Our unique service is made possible by combining a team of world-class financial experts, led by Dr. Burton Malkiel, renowned economist and author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street, with some of Silicon Valley’s best technology talent.

Truly Automated

Wealthfront takes the guesswork out of sound, long-term investing through effortless automation. Wealthfront manages a personalized online investment account for you that is fully diversified and periodically rebalanced – accessible anytime and anywhere from your desktop, tablet or phone. We support the following types of accounts:

  • Individual, joint, trust, & LLC taxable accounts
  • Traditional, Roth, & SEP retirement accounts (IRAs)
  • 401(k) rollover accounts
  • 501(c) accounts for non-profit institutions (wealthfront.org)

The Best Index Funds

Our service is premised on the consistent and overwhelming research that proves index funds significantly outperform an actively managed portfolio. We employ ETFs that track indexes for the 11 major asset classes used in our portfolios. Each ETF is chosen by our investment research team based on its relative cost, tracking error, market liquidity and securities lending policies. We always tell you why we chose each ETF over its alternatives.

Extremely Low Cost

We believe everyone deserves sophisticated financial advice. That’s why our minimum account size is only $500. We manage your first $10,000 for free and the rest for only 0.25% per year. There are no additional fees for our service. No trading commissions. Everything is included in our simple low advisory fee.

The Most Tax-Efficient

No other automated investment service offers all five levels of tax minimization that are available with Wealthfront:

  • Index Funds. Unlike actively managed mutual funds, index funds have very little turnover, which means you incur much lower capital gains taxes.
  • Intelligent Dividend Reinvesting. Using dividends to rebalance your portfolio throughout the year minimizes sales, leading to lower realized capital gains.
  • Tax location. All clients receive different asset classes and asset allocations for taxable and retirement accounts to optimize their after-tax performance.
  • Daily Tax-Loss Harvesting. Clients with taxable accounts can take advantage of our Daily Tax-Loss Harvesting service at no additional cost.
  • Tax-Optimized Direct Indexing. Clients with $100,000 or more invested in a taxable account can take advantage of Tax-Optimized Direct Indexing, our portfolio that provides enhanced Tax-Loss Harvesting by harvesting losses among the individual stocks in the S&P 500®.

Daily Tax-Loss Harvesting and Tax-Optimized Direct Indexing could add more than 1.6% to your portfolio's annual after-tax return. Learn more.

Incredible Software Engineers

Our software team includes some of the most talented software experts from companies like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Apple. Wealthfront has earned a reputation for state-of-the-art software development. For more on our approach to building modern software, please visit our engineering blog.