Your cash
can do more.

Earn 2.57% APY with no fees, unlimited transfers, and FDIC insurance covering up to $1 million.

Whether you’re building an emergency fund, saving for a big expense like a down-payment, or holding on to funds until you are ready to invest, our high-interest cash account is a secure place to grow your cash and reach your short-term goals faster.

Higher interest means
more cash for you.


Don’t leave money on the table.

Traditional financial institutions offer between 0.01% and 0.09% on checking and savings accounts. With 2.57% APY, our cash account gets to work right away, earning you the highest available interest rate in the market* – nearly 25x above the national average.

Today $25K $26.5K $28K 5 Years 0.1%

When should I
hold on to cash?

In the short term - within 5 years - markets can be volatile. This means your cash is better off in a high-interest, secured, and insured account.
We’ll help you save up the cash you need for:
A rainy day fund
A down payment for a new home
An upcoming expense, like a car, wedding, or dream vacation.
Saving before you’re ready to invest
If you want to grow your money over the long term — beyond 5 years — it’s best to invest in a Wealthfront globally diversified portfolio of low-cost index funds.
We’ve got you covered

FDIC insured up to $1 million.

That’s four times the insurance that the traditional bank provides.

No market risk.

Your cash is kept out of the markets, so you never have to worry about short-term volatility.

Fast and easy setup.

It takes just a couple minutes to open an account straight from your phone.

Unlimited, free transfers.

Move money in and out of your account as many times as you want. Quick and easy transfers between your Wealthfront accounts are coming soon!

No fees.

No advisory fees, no management fees, no surprises. Earn more and keep more.

$1 minimum.

It only takes $1 to open and there are no additional deposit requirements.
See how cash fits
into your big picture.

With our free planning experience, you’ll get personalized guidance on how much cash you need and where you should put it in order to reach your short-term goals.

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Where to save: $500 /month in Wealthfront Account Currently $450/month $1,100 /month in Wealthfront Cash Currently $450/month $1,300 /month in Work 401(k) Currently $650/month $300 /month in Chase Checking Currently $1,000/month $400 /month in Chase Checking Currently $1,000/month COMFORTABLE COMFORTABLE MANAGEABLE COMFORTABLE Wedding with Aditya 6 months off to travel Purchase a 2BR in Austin, TX goal-wedding-sm goal-timeoff-sm goal-home-sm My planned savings $2,100/mo $2,800/mo
See how much you could be earning
A cash account built for you.
We get it: money and its terms can be confusing. We’re here to simplify with answers to some of the mostfrequently asked questions when it comes to our cash account.
Click here for all of our FAQs.
What does “short-term” mean?

Short-term savings refers to money you’ll need within 5 years. Want to save for longer? Learn more

Will I be charged a fee?

There are no fees for the cash account.

Do I get a debit card or checks with my account?

Not right now, but we’ll be adding new features to the cash account over time.

How do I access my money?

You can withdraw money at any time. It usually takes about one to three business days for your withdrawal to arrive in your bank account. If you’ve recently deposited money into your cash account, it may take a few extra days to process.

Can I move money in between Wealthfront accounts?

Soon! We’re working on a solution so you can move money between your cash and personal investment accounts.

What types of short-term goals should I plan for?

Great question. We’ll help you save for any big purchases you have in mind (car, house, renovation, trip, etc.).

Does Wealthfront make money on a cash account?

Wealthfront receives a portion of interest earned on the money in your cash account, just like a traditional bank. However, we keep our operating costs lower than a traditional bank by only building products that we can automate. This means we can provide a higher interest rate with our cash account.