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The market can be a wild ride, but Wealthfront has the tools to keep your money on the right track. Earn 4.80% APY on your short-term cash, buy stocks with zero commissions, and diversify for the long term with automated investing.

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ManageCash Accountcurrent APYinterest earnedAvailable balanceDebit cardAccount NumbersSEPTEMBERInterest earned in September+$101.92Monday, Sep 8 · InterestTransfer to invest$100.00Monday, Sep 8 · TransferAUGUSTTransfer to emergency fund$200.00Monday, May 8 · Money inTransfer money
You earned $101.92 in interest.

More interest on your cash.
Earn 4.80% APY.

That's 11x the national interest rate3, and zero strings attached.

With our high-yield Cash Account, you'll earn more on your short term savings, like for your emergency fund or, say, a new canoe — and more on any money you're planning to invest later.

No account fees
Unlimited withdrawals & transfers
No minimum or maximum balance to earn 4.80% APY
Up to $5M FDIC insurance through partner banks
all timeestimated taxes saved$98,656.001.7% todayUS stocks44% current44% targetForeign developed stocks15% current15% targetEmerging market stocks15% current15% targetDividend growth stocks3M6M1Y3Y5YALL2021
We automatically invested your $500 deposit.

Automated, diversified
long-term investing.

Come bears or bulls, our expert-built portfolios make it easy to stay diversified for your long-term goals. Our Automated Investing Account helps you manage unnecessary risk, minimize your taxes, and maximize your returns — all done (you guessed it) automatically.

Expert-built portfolios with up to 17 global asset classes
Our software handles all the trading, rebalancing, and other busywork
Tax-Loss Harvesting can boost your after-tax returns with tax savings
Designed to help keep the cost of investing low
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$250 is now invested across 5 stocks in your inflation thrivers portfolio.

A smarter way to
discover and buy stocks.

Invest in the stocks you know and love and discover companies not (yet) on your radar with our collections designed around investing themes and opportunities. Make smarter stock choices faster with built-in data and perspectives. Kind of like your own investing cheat sheet.

Explore 45+ stock collections
Weigh the pros and cons at a glance
Invest with $0 commissions
Get started with just $1