The most tax-efficient, low-cost, hassle-free way to invest
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Do you have the time to invest well?

Wealthfront invests your money for you with a minimal amount of work. We monitor your portfolio every day to look for opportunities to rebalance or harvest tax losses. Are you doing the same?

Investment Features
Our pricing is simple and transparent
Wealthfront manages accounts under $10,000 for free and our management fee is just 0.25% after that. We'll never surprise you with hidden fees and we don't charge commissions.
Introducing Portfolio Review

Are you invested the right way?

Portfolio Review will analyze your current investment portfolio. It provides data-driven, actionable recommendations to improve net-of-fee, after-tax, risk-adjusted return.

Have a world-class investment team in your corner

With financial experts such as Burton Malkiel and Charles Ellis, Wealthfront’s investment team accumulates more than 200 years of investment experience and has authored more than 16 investment books.

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