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Imagine being confident about the financial decisions
you make.
Sounds crazy,
we know.
Financial planning and investing with Wealthfront couldn't be easier. We do it for you.

Our investment strategies may be sophisticated, but our philosophy is simple.

Technology can do some things better than people. We use software to better execute time-tested investment strategies:


We'll build a diversified portfolio for you to maximize returns while minimizing your risk. And our software automatically maintains the right level of diversification for you.


We built tax intelligence into our software to help lower the taxes you pay, so you'll have more money to invest.


We don't let higher fees eat away at your long-term returns. Our fees are simple and so low that the additional returns our strategy generates more than covers the cost.

When it comes to your finances, what’s on your mind?

Maybe it’s retiring comfortably –
and confidently. Or maybe it's giving your
kids the best educational opportunities.
Perhaps you just want a solid financial foundation for the future.

Or maybe it's something else.
You have goals. We have ways to help you reach them.
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Putting your mind at ease doesn’t have to be expensive.

We have the same low fee for everyone.

A simple annual advisory fee
No trading commissions. No hidden fees.
No financial advisor salaries.
No, really.

The sooner you start, the closer you’ll be to reaching your goals.

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