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A rate that
towers over
most banks:
5.00% APY

A rate that towers
over most banks:
5.00% APY

Which is ironic, because they're the ones with all the towers.

Cash earns more here. Move your money to a high-yield account with one of the best APYs in the market and checking features that offer fast, easy access to your money, any day of the week. No account fees. No strings attached.
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ManageCash AccountAvailable balanceSEPTEMBERInterest earned in September+$106.17Monday, Sep 8 · InterestTransfer to invest$100.00Monday, Sep 8 · TransferAUGUSTTransfer to emergency fund$200.00Monday, May 8 · Money inTransfer moneyAccount numberscurrent APY interest earned

Not quite a bank.
Quite a bit better.

Zero account fees
Unlimited transfers & free same-day withdrawals
Up to $8M FDIC insurance through partner banks
No minimum or maximum balance to earn 5.00% APY
We work with partner banks to offer exceptional banking features with ultimate flexibility and the security of FDIC insurance — all delivered through a Wealthfront Brokerage account that makes building your wealth easy. And unlike some other accounts, ours doesn’t come with sneaky requirements like minimum account size, required direct deposit, or required debit card transactions.
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Your money.

When you need it.

You shouldn’t have to watch the clock or jump through a labyrinth of hoops to get access to your money. Which is why we offer a delightful array of ways to keep your cash ready to roll.

Unlimited transfers
Move money to linked accounts and pay bills & businesses with account & routing numbers.
Use with your favorite payment apps
(Venmo, CashApp, PayPal, Apple Pay, & Google Pay)
Free same-day withdrawals
Initiate a transfer to an eligible account by 9pm ET to get your funds the same day (even on weekends & holidays!)
Send wire transfers for free
Transfer funds to title and accounts you own. Receiving institutions may charge a fee.
Pay bills, plus send and deposit checks
Transfer to invest in minutes

Grow your cash and spend it, too.

Sushi night? Electric bill? Really sweet vintage couch you found at someone’s estate sale? We’ve got a debit card for that. Access cash at a nationwide network of 19,000 fee-free ATMs, or anywhere else for a small fee. Check out all of our ATM locations.

Plus, with direct deposit, you can get paid up to 2 days earlier for even quicker cash on-hand.

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Feel the life-changing magic of optimizing your cash.

Discover the deep satisfaction of directing your cash flow with nothing left to waste. Take advantage of helpful automation tools to route deposits to your short-term and medium-term goals, then invest the rest for your future.

Invest in the market in minutes.

Start building your long-term wealth ASAP. Invest your extra cash quickly — with near-instant transfers to connected Wealthfront Investment Accounts.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Wealthfront takes the crown for best overall platform on the market

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“The best way for me to maximize every one of my hard earned dollars.”

Stanley R

Cash Account

“I keep more money in the account knowing that I can get it out quickly when I need it. I’d rather keep money in my Cash Account which has a higher interest rate than all other accounts I have.”

Lauren B

Cash Account

“Wealthfront changed my life. I used the Cash Account to pay down all my student loans and now I'm saving into it to buy a house.”

Samuel M

Cash Account

The testimonials provided above by Cash Account clients may not be representative of the experience of other Cash Account clients, and there is no guarantee that all Cash Account clients will have similar experiences.

Welcome to your money’s happy place. 🌝

Don’t save your questions.
We’ve got answers.

Money is complicated enough, so we work hard to make everything about our Cash Account easier to understand. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

Will the interest rate lock in, or does it change?

Short answer: it changes based on a number of factors — the most important factor being the Federal Funds Rate.

Long answer: it’s in our best interest to offer our clients a competitive rate, so we’re always looking for opportunities to do just that. When our partner banks pay us more for our deposits, we pay it forward to you with a better APY. We’ll always notify you when the rates change.

How hard is it to transfer from savings to investing?

So not hard at all! When the market is open, money can usually be transferred to your taxable Investment Account or IRA in minutes.Learn more

But what if I want to withdraw my money?

It’s your money, so you can withdraw it whenever you want. If your external account is in the RTP® Network, it’s eligible for free same-day transfers when you request as late as 6pm PT / 9pm ET every day, even on weekends & holidays!. For other accounts, withdrawals usually take only one business day to arrive, though if it’s from a recent deposit, it may take a few extra days to process.

How many fees are there?

None! Zilch! Nada! We’ve never charged any account fees for the Cash Account, and we never will.

Unfortunately, I have these things called bills. Can you make them go away?

We can’t make them go all the way away, but it’s very easy to set up bill pay with the Cash Account. Paying bills is kind of like making them go away, right?

What if I want actual dollar bills in my actual hands?

If you’re good with twenties, we’ve got free ATMs IRL. Just use our Debit Card to withdraw from more than 19,000 free ATMs at places like CVS, Target, Walgreens, and many, many more.