Banking that streamlines your finances.

Banking should be effortless.

Zero account fees, up to $1M FDIC insurance through our partner banks, and the convenience of automation.

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The Wealthfront Cash Account is a product offered by Wealthfront Brokerage in partnership with Green Dot Bank.

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All the checking features you need, and then some.

Earn 0.10% APY on all your cash

Up to $1M FDIC insurance through our partner banks

No account fees, no overdraft fees

Fast transfers to your investing portfolio

Send and deposit checks through the app

Support for Venmo, Cash App, Apple Pay and Google Pay and PayPal

Pay bills with account and routing numbers

Unlimited free transfers

Debit card with 19,000 free ATMs

Set up direct deposit and automate your paycheck

Set your priorities. We’ll automate it.

Decide how you want to save.

Our software automatically splits and transfers your paycheck for you, based on your personal setup.

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Ready to save more, do less? Say goodbye to idle banking.

Customize your savings plan and automate your paycheck. We take the chore out of managing your money.

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If you have questions, we already have answers.

We get it: money and its terms can be confusing. These are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to our Cash Account.

Can I move money in between Wealthfront accounts?

You can move money from your Cash Account to your taxable Investment Account.

Learn how easy it is.

Is Wealthfront’s Cash Account APY a promotional rate?

No, the Wealthfront APY is not a short term promotional rate and applies to all accounts and balances. We’re committed to offering the highest rate we can to our clients. Learn more.

How do I withdraw my money?

You can withdraw money at any time. It usually takes only one business day for your withdrawal to arrive in your bank account. If you’ve recently deposited money into your cash account, it may take a few extra days to process.

Will I be charged any fees?

Nope. There are no account fees for the Cash Account.

Can I pay bills or use an ATM with the same account?

Yep. You can set up bill pay, and with our debit card, you can get cash from one of 19,000 free ATMs from places like Safeway, Walgreens, CVS, and more.

Why is my rate subject to change?

The APY on the cash account is dependent on the federal funds rate. As market rates move, we work to ensure that our rates remain as competitive as possible.

Learn more.