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For accounts over $100k: Our globally diversified portfolio designed to strategically invest in individual US stocks to enhance tax savings.
Example risk level: 8.0 of 10
Your risk level will be determined when you add this portfolio. The investment mix will match your risk level and account type.
Managed by Wealthfront
With this portfolio, you get all the benefits of investing with Wealthfront.
Curated by experts
This low-cost portfolio is hand-picked by our research team, and is diversified and optimized for the long term.
Managed automatically
We buy and sell funds, rebalance your portfolio, and reinvest dividends to keep you diversified and fully invested.
Optimized for tax savings
For taxable accounts, our Tax-Loss Harvesting strategy finds ways to help save on taxes and maximize your returns.
Easy to personalize
Change your risk level, add and remove investments, or edit the investment mix to meet your needs.