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This is financial planning, redefined.

Easy, on demand, and absolutely free.

Driven by the power of technology, our free planning experience helps you explore what’s possible and provides guidance to optimize your finances. No phone calls required.

What’s on your mind?

Explore the life you want to live. It’s never been easier.

Our advice engine

Financial expertise in your pocket.

The traditional industry wants you to believe you need a “licensed expert” to make good decisions. We disagree.

Meet Path — built by our team of PhDs, it’s the advice engine that powers all the personalized insights and advice we provide for free, without ever needing you to make a phone call.

What we do (so you don't have to)

Better understand the trade-offs

One decision will impact another – buying a house may impact your plans to retire early. We’ll show you the entire picture so you can make the choices that are right for you.

Things are bound to change. We embrace that fact. Today, you may want a house in Los Angeles in 3 years. But tomorrow, you may get an irresistible job offer in Barcelona. Whether your finances or lifestyle change, we’ll automatically reflect the latest.

Today Age 81 $441,182 Net worth today $6.2M $4M $5.1M Net worth at retirement goal-retirement-sm goal-home-sm
Planning to buy a home for $940,000 in 2020 Planning to buy a home for $940,000 in 2022 2BR in Los Angeles MANAGEABLE STRETCH On track to spend $4,200/month with $1M left to spare On track to spend $4,200 until age 91 Retire at 59 COMFORTABLE MANAGEABLE
Meet your future with confidence.

After understanding your finances, habits, and aspirations, we’ll provide the recommendations and strategies tailored to your specific needs.

Smart Advice
Where to save: $500 /month in Wealthfront Account Currently $450/month $1,100 /month in Wealthfront Account Currently $450/month $1,300 /month in Work 401(k) Currently $650/month $300 /month in Chase Checking Currently $1,000/month $400 /month in Chase Checking Currently $1,000/month COMFORTABLE COMFORTABLE MANAGEABLE COMFORTABLE Retire at age 59 Purchase a 2BR in Austin, TX Time Off Traveling goal-timeoff-sm goal-retirement-sm goal-home-sm My planned savings $2,100/mo $2,800/mo

Learn how much you should be saving.

We’ll tell you how much to save per month to be on track to meet your goals.

We’ll recommend the right accounts.

Certain account types are better suited for certain goals. We’ll open the optimal accounts and recommend how much to deposit in each.

Meet future needs with the right investment strategy.

We use software to better execute time-tested investment strategies.

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Cover the short-term without compromising the future.

Get access to cash quickly and easily without selling your investments by borrowing at a low rate with Portfolio Line of Credit.

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A “planning” experience like no other.

Wondering why you can’t do all of this with a spreadsheet? Still think you need an expert to do this type of work? Let us change your mind.
How much does it cost?

Our planning experience is absolutely free. You don’t even have to invest with us to get access to it.

Will I get pestered with calls?

Nope - no pressure, no judgment, no follow-ups from a salesperson.

How long will it take me?

Less than 10 minutes.

Why should I need to link my accounts?

Linking to your financial accounts is how we get to know you and your finances. It helps us project your net worth over time and deliver the relevant insights and advice. Learn more

How often does it update?

Fortunately for us, software doesn’t take holidays. By linking to your financial accounts, our planning experience gives you a pulse on your finances 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Will you only recommend Wealthfront accounts?

No – we will make saving and investing recommendations that are in your best interest, such as maxing out your employer 401(k) first or keeping more in cash for upcoming, short-term goals.

What if I have nothing to plan for?

C’est la vie. It never hurts to explore your options, who knows what you could do? If you’re dead-set on living in the moment, you’ll still have an aggregated view of your finances.