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*That’s generally way cheaper than a credit card (19.49% on average) or personal loan (6.99% – 35.99%).

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You don’t have to dip into your long-term funds to make your investing dreams happen today. Borrowing against your portfolio means your money stays in the market, and you can avoid the tax impact of withdrawing on gains.

How much can I get?

Your portfolio


You could borrow


Pay it back whenever. Seriously.

Earlier or later. Larger or smaller. You’re free to pay when and how you want. There are no minimum payments or early payment penalties — the interest is added to your balance monthly as you pay at your own pace. Open a line of credit today and set your own schedule with recurring payments.

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Things that usually take longer:

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A few FAQs, FYI.

Some frequently asked questions.
Learn more at our help center.

What is a Portfolio Line of Credit?

A Portfolio Line of Credit is a margin loan (otherwise known as a securities-backed line of credit), which essentially means you are using the securities in your taxable Automated Investing Account as collateral for the money you receive. Since the loan is tied directly to your brokerage account, qualification and repayment are generally more flexible and easier than other loans — that’s to say, we know you’re good for the money.

Is the interest rate locked?

No. The interest rate you pay on your loan changes as US interest rates move.

Are there any other risks involved in borrowing?

Here are the other risk factors you should know about:

Margin Risk: When you take out a loan your investments serve as collateral. If the value of your investments falls significantly, you may have to repay some of the loan. Learn more

Liquidation Risk: If the value of your investments falls below the threshold, we may need to sell some of your investments to cover the loan.

I want my money. How do I qualify?

The Portfolio Line of Credit is available for all Wealthfront clients with at least $25,000 in a taxable Automated Investing Account — which can be an individual, joint, or trust account. If you have multiple investing accounts with Wealthfront, we will determine your eligibility based on the marginable funds in your taxable Automated Investing Accounts. No funds in a retirement, 529, or Cash Account will apply toward your eligibility.

How low will my rate be?

Annual interest rates for the Portfolio Line of Credit are tiered based on the total market value (or net deposits) in your taxable Automated Investing Accounts. The rates are rolled down to the nearest 0.05% in your favor. Learn more here about how we calculate your interest rates and what tier you fall into.

I have even more questions! How can I learn more?

You can learn more about the Portfolio Line of Credit, investing, and so much more in our blog. [Click here]

*Source: Investopedia and Nerdwallet, March 2022

Portfolio Line of Credit is a margin lending product offered exclusively to clients of Wealthfront Advisers by Wealthfront Brokerage LLC. You should consider the risks and benefits specific to margin when evaluating your options. Learn more about these risks in the Margin Handbook. PLOC eligibility is subject to a minimum account balance which is subject to change.

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