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A lil’ extra on top of your returns?

Meet Tax-Loss Harvesting.

Tax-Loss Harvesting helps turn a dip in the market into a tax deduction. When you claim a loss on an investment, you can lower your tax bill at the end of the year, which means more money to reinvest. We like to say it can help you boost your after-tax returns — because that’s exactly what we designed it to do.

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Our secret recipe? Homemade automation.

We’re constantly looking for those magic ingredients that can help lower your taxes. Here’s how it works.

Part 1:

We identify the loss

Pretend your investments are slices of pie. A slice of rhubarb pie goes for a premium — $10. But soon, the market is flooded with rhubarb and the price falls to $5.

Part 2:

We harvest the loss

Thanks to our super-smart software, we find some delicious gooseberry pie for just $5, so we sell your rhubarb and buy gooseberry instead. Pie is pie, so really, your risk appetite doesn’t change. Different, but still dessert.

We saved you $42.61 on your taxes with Tax-Loss Harvesting.
We saved you $9.53 on your taxes with Tax-Loss Harvesting.

Part 3:

We help lower your taxes

While we wait for the baked desserts sector to rebound (give it time), you can use the $5 loss as a deduction to help lower your taxes — money you now have to reinvest (i.e., buy more pie). And there it is — we’ll keep trading slices to keep lowering your taxes. At every chance we have.

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Tax-Loss Harvesting benefits will vary. Wealthfront doesn’t provide tax advice.

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