Save for college

You dream of this day longer than they do.

If you can picture the day your kids are accepted to their dream college, imagine how it will feel to be able to say yes.

You can start saving for college today with Path – our comprehensive planning and investing solution makes it easy.

It starts with
three numbers:

The 529 plan is an account specifically designed to save for college. You can use it to pay for qualified educational expenses, which may include tuition, room and board, and books.

Just like a retirement account, a 529 plan has tax advantages that help your savings grow faster.

As a result, your returns can be as much as 16% higher than in a traditional investment account.

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The path to
college isn’t easy.
The path to saving
for it can be.

Path walks you through all the important aspects of college planning – how much it will cost, how much financial aid you can expect, and what you’ll need to save.

When you open a 529 account or link an existing 529 account to Wealthfront, we’ll help you create a personalized plan to save for college.

They grow up fast. So can their college fund.

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Whether it’s rolling over a plan from another advisor or transferring a 529 account from another state, you can move it over to Wealthfront tax-free.

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