"We don't have a release cycle, we have a deploy button"

An investment platform built
by engineers for the world

We are building an internet platform for sophisticated investing. We make some of the best financial advice and management available to everyone by implementing investing research in software, but doing so comes with a host of difficult problems. Our ability to take on those challenges is our greatest asset.
Investing in platforms
Web and mobile technology

Transparency through visual communication

Often the best way to answer the complex and important questions that arise in investing is to build intuitive visualizations. We believe communicating how we advise and invest for clients is important, and we leverage modern web and mobile technology to create them.

Better data leads to better choices

We have rapidly growing sources of data on how people make real-world investing decisions. Investors don't always act rationally and analyzing the data we gather allows us to better assist our clients when they're making choices with their money. We use data both to optimize our existing products and motivate the next generation of innovation.
Data-driven decisions

What makes us successful?

2-Week Onboarding

Learn how we craft software, what will make you successful, and how we are changing the financial industry.

Deploy When Ready

We ship code when it's ready, because schedules are for trains. Just hit the deploy button!

1-1 Mentorship

Every new engineer pairs with a mentor to support their growth and success at the company.

Work hard, play hard

Our engineers are well-rounded and passionate about a diverse workplace. They are black belts in Taekwondo, professional poker players, polyglots (in both spoken and programming languages), gymnasts, entrepreneurs, Ironman champions, world record holders in Tetris, unicycle riders, and so much more.

Above all, we have a team that is close, engaged, and excited to work together every day.