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Wealthfront is an automated investment service that invests your money for you in low-cost, diversified, long-term investment portfolios. Sign up with your personal invitation today to get the first $15,000 managed for free.

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Fund your account with cash or transfer an existing 401(k) or IRA. The account minimum is $500.

Automated Investing Without Hidden Fees or Commissions

Account Value vs. Time

Automatic Rebalancing

We continuously monitor and periodically rebalance your portfolio for you.

Automatic Deposits

Deposits are automatically invested based on your portfolio mix.

Tax-Loss Harvesting

By selling declined investments at a loss, we lower your taxes.

Dividend Reinvesting

We use dividends to minimize sales and lower realized capital gains.

Simple and Transparent Account Monitoring.

Monitor Multiple Accounts

People use Wealthfront for long-term investing in taxable and non-taxable accounts like 401(k)'s, IRA's, Joint Accounts, and Trusts.

View Account Performance

See how your investments are doing over time for each investment account that you open.

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Review your portfolio allocation and the performance of each asset class.


Keep tabs on all transactions that Wealthfront performs on your account to maximize performance.

Why Clients Trust Wealthfront with More than $6 Billion

0.25% Management Fee

Wealthfront charges no fees on the first $15,000 and a 0.25% annual management fee for amounts above $15,000.

Zero Commission Fees

Our 0.25% annual management fee is the only fee we'll charge you. There are no additional commissions or account fees.

SEC Registered

Wealthfront is an SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) registered investment advisor.

Larger Than 99% of RIAs

Wealthfront manages more money than 99% of all Registered Investment Advisors in the US according to RIA Database.

650,000+ free trades

Wealthfront charges zero fees on transactions such as account rebalancing and dividend reinvesting

$5,000,000+ trading fees saved

Wealthfront clients have saved more than $5,000,000 by not having to pay transaction fees on trades

$7,000,000+ tax losses harvested

By using our tax-loss harvesting service clients have harvested more than $7,000,000 in capital losses

$100,000,000 total assets managed for free

Wealthfront charges $0 in account management fees on the first $15,000 invested in your account

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