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Investors in Wealthfront's Classic Automated Investing Account, with a risk score of 9, watched their pre-tax investments grow an average of 6.91% every year since we started.
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How taxes make you more money.
(Yes, you read that right.)

We report pre-tax returns because that’s the industry standard. But you live your life after taxes, which is why we crunched the numbers. By re-investing savings from Tax-Loss Harvesting, most of our Automated Investing clients end up making an average of 1.8% on top of their (already excellent) returns.

Learn more about Tax-loss Harvesting

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Harvesting savings.

Tax Loss Harvesting benefits will vary. Wealthfront doesn't provide tax advice.
We saved you $78.11 on your taxes.
We automatically invested your $500 deposit.

Automation is like jet fuel for your investment rocket, or something like that.

Our incredible technology takes the headache out of investing, helping you save more with recurring deposits, creating more opportunities for tax savings, and keeping your allocations right where you want them. Learn more

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