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The retirement of your dreams
starts with the retirement
account of your dreams.

The retirement of your dreams starts with the retirement account of your dreams.

The world is always changing, so why do most retirement accounts still look like it’s 1994? Our Automated Investing Account helps you build retirement wealth by blending our super-smart software with innovative opportunities like tech, clean energy, cannabis, and hundreds of other custom options. The future never looked so close.

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Allow us to introduce
you to our good
friend, IRA.

Enjoy tax benefits and deductions on the investments you make today, but you’ll have to pay taxes when you take money out in retirement.

Learn more about the advantages of opening an IRA, the limitations and requirements of different types of accounts, and find the right choice for you.

Build a portfolio that fits you like a portfolio-shaped glove.

Customize your portfolio as much or as little as you want, with hundreds of categories including crypto, clean energy, cannabis, and more. It only takes a couple clicks to get started with our Classic or Socially Responsible portfolio.

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Robotics & AIBOTZ
CryptocurrencyGreyscale Bitcoin Trust
Global StocksVSGX
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Securities shown are for illustrative purposes only, and are not a recommendation to buy or hold.

Retirement’s all about you not working.
So is this account.

Not only do we make it easy to track your progress by seeing all your investments, both on and off Wealthfront, but our powerful automation ensures your portfolio sticks to your plan. Our software automatically rebalances your investments and handles all the trades to save your time and help maximize your returns.

Diversity and equity iconWhen you compare, there’s no comparison.Diversity and equity iconWhen you compare, there’s no comparison.Diversity and equity iconWhen you compare, there’s no comparison.Diversity and equity iconWhen you compare, there’s no comparison.Diversity and equity iconWhen you compare, there’s no comparison.Diversity and equity iconWhen you compare, there’s no comparison.Diversity and equity iconWhen you compare, there’s no comparison.Diversity and equity iconWhen you compare, there’s no comparison.
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Easy to customize
with crypto, tech,
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There’s more to investing than retirement.

Retirement accounts are where many people start investing, but it shouldn’t be where you stop. A taxable Automated Investing Account can help you do much, much more with your investments — and you don’t have to wait until you’re 65.

Tax-Loss Harvesting which adds an average 1.8% to clients' after-tax returns

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No limit to your annual contributions

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Access your money at any time

Classic PortfolioManage all time estimated taxes saved1.7% today3M6M1Y3Y5YALLTransfer moneyUS Stocks44% current44% target

Don’t wait 30 years for answers to your retirement questions.

Still deciding if we’re right for you?
These frequently asked questions may help.

This sounds complicated. I bet this is complicated, right?

What we do is complicated. What you do is really, really not. Just answer a few questions, and we’ll build an investment portfolio with your name on it. Then, as soon as your money arrives, we invest it just like we said we would. Bada bing, etc.

But like, how customized is “customized”?

Really really customized. We have literally hundreds of funds to choose from that cover everything from clean energy to cannabis to crypto. And that’s just the things that start with the letter C. Explore the complete list of funds here.

Wait, so I can buy crypto coins in my retirement account?

Technically, you’re getting “exposure” to crypto through what’s called a crypto trust, not owning the actual coins yourself. The same way some ETFs contain stocks, some trusts contain crypto. Wealthfront offers crypto exposure to Bitcoin and Ethereum through two of these trusts. And, because we consider crypto to be especially risky, we limit your crypto exposure to 10% of your total portfolio. Learn more

I’ve got a 401(k). Can I roll it over? Also, what’s a Rollover?

Let’s start at the end and work back. A Rollover IRA is the term for taking all the funds in one retirement account and, well, rolling them into a new one. And we’d love for you to bring any and all your retirement accounts to us — you can either keep them separate or combine them all in one.

I bet this is really expensive.

That’s not a question, but actually no. The weighted average annual expense ratio of the funds in a Recommended Wealthfront portfolio is between 0.05–0.29%. For comparison, the average expense ratio of target date retirement funds is 0.37%, so we’re actually kind of a bargain. We also charge a 0.25% management fee, though most human investors charge 4x that much here.

This is amazing! I’m going to put a ton of money in this account.

Hold your horses, there. Because retirement accounts have certain tax advantages, there are also limits to how much you can contribute in a given year. And, to make it even more complicated, that can be impacted by a number of things, like your annual salary, whether you also have an employer-sponsored plan, and the kind of account you have. You can check the IRS page with details about the limits here, and if you’d like to invest more than the limit, you can always open a taxable Investing Account right here.
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The effectiveness of the Tax-Loss Harvesting strategy to reduce the tax liability of the client will depend on the client’s entire tax and investment profile, including purchases and dispositions in a client’s (or client’s spouse’s) accounts outside of Wealthfront Advisers and type of investments (e.g., taxable or nontaxable) or holding period (e.g., short- term or long-term). Tax loss harvesting may generate a higher number of trades due to attempts to capture losses. There is a chance that trading attributed to tax loss harvesting may create capital gains and wash sales and could be subject to higher transaction costs and market impacts. In addition, tax loss harvesting strategies may produce losses, which may not be offset by sufficient gains in the account and may be limited to a $3,000 deduction against income. The utilization of losses harvested through the strategy will depend upon the recognition of capital gains in the same or a future tax period, and in addition may be subject to limitations under applicable tax laws, e.g., if there are insufficient realized gains in the tax period, the use of harvested losses may be limited to a $3,000 deduction against income and distributions. Losses harvested through the strategy that are not utilized in the tax period when recognized (e.g., because of insufficient capital gains and/or significant capital loss carryforwards), generally may be carried forward to offset future capital gains, if any.

Wealthfront Advisers’ investment strategies, including portfolio rebalancing and tax-loss harvesting, can lead to high levels of trading. High levels of trading could result in (a) bid-ask spread expense; (b) trade executions that may occur at prices beyond the bid ask spread (if quantity demanded exceeds quantity available at the bid or ask); (c) trading that may adversely move prices, such that subsequent transactions occur at worse prices; (d) trading that may disqualify some dividends from qualified dividend treatment; (e) unfulfilled orders or portfolio drift, in the event that markets are disorderly or trading halts altogether; and (f) unforeseen trading errors. The performance of the new securities purchased through the tax-loss harvesting service may be better or worse than the performance of the securities that are sold for tax-loss harvesting purposes.

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