Wealthfront Seminar Program

Join the revolution — change the way Silicon Valley invests

Committed to democratizing access to sophisticated investment advice, Wealthfront offers free educational seminars to Silicon Valley.

  • Encourage employee development.
    Whether they’re managing an investment portfolio of $5K or $5M, your employees will be empowered to make smart investment decisions.
  • We don’t sell Wealthfront.
    Our one-hour seminars are purely educational and do not mention Wealthfront. Averaging above 60%, our Net Promoter Score speaks for itself. View a sample presentation here.
  • Create a better work environment.
    Show employees you care by reducing the anxiety driven by changes in their financial situation.
  • 50+ seminars under our belt.
    Some of today’s most notable tech companies, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp and Pandora, have hosted Wealthfront seminars.
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The above-represented companies are a partial listing of companies that have hosted Wealthfront seminars. Wealthfront is not affiliated with, in partnership with, or endorsed by these companies.