Invest your savings

You work hard to save. But do your savings work hard for you?

Keeping too much of your money in a savings account really holds you back.

The more you can keep in an investment account, the more your money will grow. So you’ll be better prepared for the long term.

Supercharge your savings
with an investment account.

We'll build a diversified portfolio to grow your money for the long term. And unlike IRAs or 401(k) retirement accounts, there are no restrictions. You can withdraw what you need at any time, for any reason.

A savings account is good for emergencies and near-term purchases. Otherwise, your money should be in an investment account. That’s because longer-term savings can take on more risk, and that means you’ll benefit from higher returns.


The multiple of returns that an investment account can generate versus a savings account.

Accounts for every situation:

For yourself: Individual Accounts

For you both: Joint Accounts

For your estate: Trust Accounts

And to bridge short-term needs, Portfolio Line of Credit can help you to access cash quickly without compromising long-term goals.
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The power of PassivePlus®

Our signature suite of investment features is designed to deliver you more returns without more risk. It all works automatically, so it couldn’t be easier.


Takes advantage of movements in the markets to capture investment losses, which can reduce your tax bill, leaving more money to invest.
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An advanced form of Tax-Loss Harvesting that has potential to harvest more tax losses, which can mean an even lower tax bill for you.
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An improvement to what's commonly called Smart Beta, this strategy increases your returns by weighting securities in your portfolio more intelligently.
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As your account grows, so do its capabilities.

Make one smart decision today,
and let the power of compounding
take care of the rest.

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Have investments elsewhere? We make transfers less taxing.

You don’t need to sell your investments to move them. We make the transfer process free, simple, and tax-efficient.

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Invest a little time in the details.

Still deciding if a long-term investment account is right for you? These frequently asked questions may help:

How is an investment
account different from a retirement account?

Retirement accounts come with tax advantages. But they also have rules around eligibility, contribution amount, and withdrawals. Investment accounts do not have the same tax advantages but anyone can open one and use their money at any time.

Can I move my money
out if I want to?

Yes, you can withdraw your money at any time.

How long should I
be invested for?

To us, long-term investing means investing for at least five years.
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What does opening a new account involve?

We ask a few questions so we can build an investment portfolio that suits your needs. Once your money arrives, we’ll invest it.

What are my options
for funding?

An electronic bank deposit, a wire transfer, or an account transfer from your brokerage to Wealthfront.
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How is this different than investing in the S&P 500?

Investing in the S&P means only investing in US equities. Diversification is the key to long-term investing, and we use 11 global asset classes.
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