Imagine this: you’re at lunch eating an overpriced salad with a friend who is worried about not saving enough money to buy a house (not to mention the price of kale). You want to help calm her nerves, so you start to tell her about the new planning service from Wealthfront that helped get your financial future in tip top shape. You reach for your phone to show her the Wealthfront app, but then you stop. Cold.

You know Wealthfront is perfect for your friend, but you don’t want her seeing your numbers. You’re on your way to a successful future, and you should be proud — but you don’t want to rub it in. I mean, she already feels bad enough about the salad.

Well now you can be the hero you want to be to your friend, thanks to Shake to Share, a fun new feature we’ve added to the Wealthfront app. With Shake to Share we’re killing two birds with one shimmy. First, we’re removing the awkwardness of sharing your financial details with friends. Your secrets are safe! Next, we’re making you look very cosmopolitan by temporarily changing your figures into random digits in a random foreign currency. Ooh la la!

Here’s how it works:

Now you can share your favorite things about your Wealthfront app with your friends sans stigma, all with one simple shake. So what are you waiting for? Grab a friend, shake and share away!

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