Wealthfront will be in New York City Feb. 28 – March 1 to meet with members of the Big Apple’s tech community.

The visit coalesced when Wealthfront’s General Counsel, E.J. Borrack, a New Yorker, attended a lunch with Janet Hanson, the CEO and founder of 85 Broads, a global women’s network. The lunch featured a private viewing of Elizabeth Taylor’s jewels before they went to auction at Christie’s.

Ms. Hanson is an advocate for women and entrepreneurs and has a longstanding interest in New York City’s tech community.

After E.J. and Ms. Hanson bonded over bling, they discovered that they shared an interest in technology entrepreneurship, and that Ms. Hanson had been talking with Wealthfront’s CEO, Andy Rachleff, to devise ways the organizations could work together.

Online financial advisor Wealthfront rings NASDAQ in New York

The last time the Wealthfront team was in New York City, we rang the NASDAQ bell.

Wealthfront is establishing a new model for managing people’s money. Many of its clients work at technology companies and are looking for a convenient, low-cost way to manage their money.

Along with the breakfast sponsored by 85 Broads, Wealthfront has subsequently added other events to the New York schedule. If you’re free and in New York, we hope you’ll drop by.

On Wednesday, Feb. 29, 85 Broads will host a breakfast from 7 a.m. – 9 a.m., at AJ Maxwells on 57 West 48th St., featuring Wealthfront’s CEO Andy Rachleff. The topic is The Valley Meets the Alley: Disrupting and Revolutionizing Wealth Management. Andy will be joined by Amanda Steinberg, CEO of DailyWorth.  To register: http://www.85broads.com/events/3146

Also on Wednesday, Feb. 29, Wealthfront executives including Andy and Jeff Rosenberger, Director of Research, will meet with NYU’s entrepreneurial club. Click here to register.  (You must be a member of the NYU community).

On Wednesday, Feb. 29, SecondMarket is hosting Wealthfront for Cocktails & Conversations: Investing Well In Today’s Economy. The event is at SecondMarket’s headquarters at 26 Broadway, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Andy will talk about what he learned about investing from his experience as a venture capitalist and Vice Chair of the University of Pennsylvania’s Endowment Board, as well as his passion for changing the investment business.  To register: https://www.secondmarket.com/discover/events/cocktails-conversations-investing-well-in-todays-economy

Last time Wealthfront came to New York the team rang the bell at NASDAQ. We’re looking forward to this visit, seeing friends and co-workers in the city, and learning more about the great companies at work in Silicon Alley.

If you’re interested in a meeting with Wealthfront and can’t make one of these events, please send us an e-mail at betsy@wealthfront.com. We’re fitting in media meetings and investment seminars at companies on the other days of our visit.

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