Graphic Designer Wanted
Like many companies here in the Valley, Wealthfront is seeking, in the words of our latest advertisement, a designer to help “mold the aesthetic heart of the company and all its expressions.”

Designers are in short supply here – as you probably know. This Quora thread details some of the reasons:

  1. Design talent is valued more now than it was 5-10 years ago, especially the interaction and user experience design specializations.
  2. Engineering has increased in agility, creating an upturn in the quantity of products requiring design talent.
  3. Design is hard, and the expectations of designers now are much higher than they were in years past.
  4. Design education is lacking in its ability to produce designers of quality that can meet the demands of our current industry.
  5. Downturns in the 2000s left a shortage of mid-career designers.

So how are you going to draw the attention of this highly sought-after demographic?

Matt Baker, a software engineer here at Wealthfront, used cutting-edge browser technology to develop what he called a gimmicky appeal. In addition to being an engineer, Matt’s also a poet – as you can tell from the words he used in the appeal.

He used CSS 3D Transforms to create the effects you see, and details the process in his blog post on Wealthfront’s engineering blog. Scrolling the Z-axis with CSS 3D Transforms
“A lot of the web development community is excited about those features,” he says. “I thought it would be fun to try out some.”

The page will only work well if it’s viewed in the latest version of Safari, Firefox or Chrome.

Check out the appeal … and if you’re a designer, email

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