By focusing on automating financial services, we’re not only able to lower cost and broaden access, we’re also able to make existing services even better. Over time, you should expect to get increased value from our financial planning, investment management and banking services. Today, we’re thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Intuit that will help us deliver more value to you and make it even easier to understand and manage your finances.

If you’ve followed our blog, you know we have high standards when it comes to forging partnerships. It’s hard to find like minded financial services companies that put their clients first. Intuit is a dream partner. They don’t just pay lip service to caring about their clients. They constantly challenge themselves to provide more value through technology-based services. And that’s something we love.

Integration with TurboTax Data

In the first phase of our partnership, we’ll be launching an integration with TurboTax data. Now, when you open a Wealthfront account you’ll be able to securely connect your TurboTax account to instantly pre-fill essential fields like income, employer and a number of others, halving the number of fields you need to manually enter. This will make our account opening process even more streamlined, meaning you’ll be on your way to saving and investing that much faster.

Higher Fidelity Financial Planning & Advice

We’ve been hard at work increasing the breadth of our automated financial planning and now offer services that allow you to plan for retirement, save to buy a home, save to send your child to their dream college and take time off to travel the world. We are able to deliver high-quality financial planning and advice via software thanks to a number of API and data integrations, and this partnership with Intuit will only make our advice more personalized for you with less effort on your part. We’re just getting started with Intuit and we can’t wait to do more together.

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